Hair Extension Methods for Brazilian Hair

Brazilian virgin remy hair

What woman does not desire thicker, healthier, longer hair? Besides Ellen Degeneres and Halle Berry, of course! For those of you who long for hair that is full, long and incredibly gorgeous, Remy hair extensions can add two very vital features to hair that you will embrace as much as Ellen and Halle embrace their ultra short pixie style tresses. If you are looking for volume and length, Brazilian hair extensions will give your hair everything that it lacks, and probably even more than you ever hoped for.

How Much Hair Will I Need?

Before moving onto the methods that can be used to weave the Brazilian hair into your own hair, you should evaluate how much virgin Brazilian hair will be necessary to create the styles you cannot wait to design your hair in. For example, consider how much volume you wish to add and how long you yearn for your hair to be. For longer hair with the Brazilian weave method, about 200g of hair will be a good average amount to get started with. If you also crave the extra volume that brings hair from long and flat to long and luscious, consider getting 250g’s to 300g’s of the virgin hair bundles.

The Brazilian Weave Methods

The reason that the Brazilian weave technique is so popular is because once the chosen method is completed, there are endless styles that you can achieve with the 100% real hair. But, of course, you probably already know this about Brazilian hair, so let’s get to the methods of application. The Brazilian knot/wrap technique is a newer method of weave application that is not only undetectable; it also diminishes shedding and is seamlessly weightless. In this method, elastic threads which are color matched to the original hair color are used to attach the hair extensions. This method takes about four to five hours to complete and if well taken care of, will last up to five months. Once it is done, this technique will allow your natural hair to grow, unlike other methods.

Other methods of application for your virgin hair bundles are the sew-in method, which is also quite popular. With this technique, the wefts of hair are sewn into cornrows This method is popular with women because there are damaging no glues or bonding materials used, and while they are wearing a sew-in weave, they can grow out their natural hair. The tape-in technique is quick application method which uses an extremely durable double-sided sticky tape and attaches the wefts of Brazilian hair weave to the roots of the natural hair. One weft is taped to the upper part of the section, one is attached underneath, and then the two wefts are pressed firmly together to secure the hair weave in place. This method can last up to two months.

Cheap Brazilian virgin hair can be purchased at Bellas Crown, where only the highest quality Brazilian hair wefts are stocked. Order the type of Brazilian hair that you desire, from curly to straight, and already dyed in the color of your choice, and you can expect real human hair wefts that derive from Brazilian roots.

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